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No. All contents on the Internet have a creator, which is why it is necessary to verify if they are protected by some type of intellectual property (such as a trademark or copyright) and if they have been published with licenses that allow for free use and the terms under which their use is allowed. Otherwise, it will be necessary to have the license holder’s permission to use them.

Some exceptions that do not require permission from the holder are the following:

  • References to abstract ideas from literary or artistic works, official texts (regulations), news of the day, simple facts or data, as they are not protected by copyright, but if they are reproduced verbatim, the source must be cited.
  • Parodies of works, but a remuneration must be paid to the author.
  • If the copyright protection period has expired (70 years after the author’s death, in most cases), always acknowledging who the author is.
  • Use of third-party trademarks, provided that it is for informational purposes only, for example, if we want to promote the sale of original products or repair services for products of certain brands.


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Yes, influencers must always declare their content is advertising if their comments or opinions have a consideration. Remember that failure to declare their content is advertising is a violation of the Principle of Authenticity, and that both you as the advertiser and the influencer may be sanctioned by the competent authority.

It is any type of information which identifies you or makes you identifiable, for example, your name and last name, your national identity card or your passport number, your telephone number, your fingerprint, your image and voice, among others. Do not forget that only natural persons have personal data, information belonging to legal entities is not covered by this concept.

All of those who carry out activities in establishments open to the public, whether it is in their own store, stand in a fair or shopping center, in coworking spaces presented as independent establishments, with their own RUC (Unified Taxpayer Registration) number and their own invoicing forms, even on e-commerce or marketplace.


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