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What do personal data
protection regulations do?

They regulate the rights of information and prior and informed consent pertaining to natural persons whose data is used by companies (in the form of compilation, storage, modification, update, visualization, deletion, blocking, among others).

This regulation protects personal data belonging to customers, employees, suppliers and any other person with whom the company has contact.

We help you comply with personal data protection regulations with:

1. Database registration before the authority.

2. Drafting privacy policies.

3. Implementation of regulation compliance internal policies.

4. Audits.

5. Training courses / sessions.

6. Legal defense in proceedings.

We clear them up!

We know that understanding the regulations can be complicated, so we aim to make it simpler.

It is any type of information which identifies you or makes you identifiable, for example, your name and last name, your national identity card or your passport number, your telephone number, your fingerprint, your image and voice, among others. Do not forget that only natural persons have personal data, information belonging to legal entities is not covered by this concept.

Yes, according to law, any type of use concerning personal data (such as access, storage on any type of media, modification, updating, visualization, deletion, blocking, among others) is considered “personal data processing” and must comply with regulations, whether it involves 1 or 100 pieces of data. Therefore, it is essential that if you use or access personal data belonging to your employees/collaborators, suppliers, customers or any person in your company, you must comply with the principles of consent, purpose, proportionality, security and others established in Law 29733 and its regulations.


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